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The Vintage Classics range is a premium film brand from STUDIOCANAL celebrating iconic British films, each one lovingly restored and available with brand new interviews on Blu-Ray, DVD, UHD* and Digital.

*only selected titles on UHD.

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John Schlesinger1962
Jack Gold1976
Guy Hamilton1954
Robert Fuest 1970
George More O’Ferrall1952
Philip Leacock1953
John Schlesinger1963
John Boulting1947
John Boorman1965
Sidney Hayers1960
Bill Forsyth1984
Sam Peckinpah1977
Charles Crichton 1950
John Schlesinger1965
Charles Crichton, Alberto Cavalcanti, Basil Dearden & Robert Hamer1945
John Guillermin1978
Nicolas Roeg1973
Leslie Norman1958
Douglas Hickox1970
Guy Hamilton1982
John Schlesinger1967
Peter Collinson1971
Compton Bennett1952
David Lean1954
Charles Crichton1947
Henry Cornelius1955
John Guillermin1958
Roy Boulting1959
J. Lee Thompson1958
Gordon Parry1953
Robert Hamer1947
Don Sharp1967
Robert Hamer1949
Henry Cass1950
Mario Zampi1951
Silvio Narizzano1970
Alexander Mackendrick1952
Waris Hussein1971
Bob Clark 1979
John Guillermin1974
Alberto Cavalcanti1947
Directed By Seth Holt1958
Herbert Wilcox1950
Henry Cornelius1949
Sydney Hayers1961
Michael Powell1960
Robert Hamer1945
Basil Dearden1951
Ken Loach1967
George Roy Baker1967
Michael Hoffman 1985
Laurence Olivier1955
Robert Hamer1960
Charles Frend1948
Alex Cox1986
Joan Littlewood1963
Michael Apted1974
Peter Yates1963
Claude Whatham1974
Claude Whattham1973
Guy Green1960
Frank Launder1954
Basil Dearden1950
Basil Dearden1946
Guy Hamilton1955
Joseph Losey1960
Charles Frend1953
Michael Anderson1955
David Lynch1980
Carol Reed 1948
Roy and John Boulting1966
John Lemont1961
Michael Relph, Basil Dearden1952
Joseph Losey1971
Basil Dearden & Will Hay1942
Robert Day1956
Basil Dearden1944
Frank Launder1950
George More O’Ferrall1952
Bryan Forbes1962
Alexander Mackendrick1955
Charles Crichton1951
Anthony Harvey1968
Alexander Mackendrick1954
Carol Reed1953
Alexander Mackendrick1951
Nicolas Roeg1976
Roger Corman1964
Guy Hamilton1980
Pen Tennyson1940
Thorold Dickinson1949
Bryan Forbes 1971
Lionel Jeffries1970
Joseph Losey1963
William Fairchild1958
Ken Hughes1963
David Lean1952
Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger1951
Carol Reed1949
Charles Crichton1953