Murder By Decree


Directed By

Bob Clark


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary Sherlock Holmes is back in Murder by Decree along his faithful sidekick Dr. John Watson. Together they are embroiled in an investigation surrounding the real-life Whitechapel murders supposedly committed by the notorious, unidentified serial killer “Jack the Ripper”.

Directed by Bob Clark (A Christmas Story), Murder by Decree features an all-star supporting cast, including John Gielgud as Prime Minister Lord Salisbury, Frank Finlay as Inspector Lestrade, David Hemmings as Inspector Foxborough, Susan Clark as Mary Kelly, Geneviève Bujold as Annie Crook and Anthony Quayle as Sir Charles Warren.

London 1889 – When Scotland Yard fails to stop the gruesome rampage of Jack the Ripper, Sherlock Holmes (Christopher Plummer) and his trusted associate Dr. Watson (James Mason) decide to investigate. Undeterred by the police withholding crucial information, the duo embark on a dangerous adventure through London’s underworld, finding themselves at the door of psychic Robert Lees (Donald Sutherland) who helps to set them on the right path. But even if Holmes’ remarkable powers of deduction can unmask the maniacal fiend, can he and Watson face the most shocking secret of all?

Christopher Plummer, James Mason, Geneviève Bujold, John Gielgud, Donald Sutherland
Release Date
28 June 2021
  • New Audio commentary with Film Journalist Kim Newman and Crime Fiction Historian Barry Forshaw
  • New Interview with Film Journalist Kim Newman
Restoration Details

For the new restoration of Murder by Decree, STUDIOCANAL went back to the original camera negative which was scanned and restored in 4K to produce a brand new HD master


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