The Four Musketeers


Directed By

Richard Lester


The second part of Richard Lester’s hugely successful adaptation of the classic novel by Alexandre Dumas, The Four Musketeers was actually shot at the same time as the first film, the original intention being to release it as one long film with an interval. The producers were so happy with the footage that they felt it would work in two parts (as Dumas had original divided the story) and so split the releases. However the actors’ contracts had only been for one film and the subsequent court decision in their favour resulted in the so-called Salkind clause (named after the producers), which states that you can’t make two films for the price of one!

With D’Artagnan (Michael York) now officially enrolled in the King’s service, his army besieges the rebels at La Rochelle and Cardinal Richelieu (Charlton Heston) is determined to prevent any meddling by the English before the city falls. He dispatches Milady de Winter (Faye Dunaway) to London with orders to assassinate Buckingham (Simon Ward) If necessary. But she has a price — carte blanche to dispose of D’Artagnan and Bonacieux as she sees fit. Our heroes, in between dodging musket balls at La Rochelle, must once again outwit the Cardinal’s henchmen to save the day. But this time the stakes are higher… And tragedy is in the offing.

The film was received as enthusiastically as its predecessor and garnered an Oscar nomination for Best Costume Design – marking the first time that a sequel received a nomination when its predecessor was overlooked.

Michael York, Oliver Reed, Richard Chamberlain, Frank Finlay, Faye Dunaway, Raquel Welch, Charlton Heston, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Geraldine Chaplin, Simon Ward, Christopher Lee, Roy Kinnear, Sybil Danning, Nicole Calfan
Other Credits

Written by George MacDonald Fraser, based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas

Music by Lalo Schifrin

Release Date
8 May 2023
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Restoration Details

For the 2023 restoration of The Four Musketeers, STUDIOCANAL went back to the original camera negative which was scanned and restored in 4K to produce a brand new UHD-HDR master

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