The Flying Scot


Directed By

Compton Bennett


The Flying Scot is a compact, claustrophobic British B-movie gem directed by Compton Bennett (The Seventh Veil, Man-Eater) and written by Norman Hudis (Carry on Nurse, The Duke Wore Jeans) and Ralph Smart (Always a Bride, Bush Christmas).

A taut heist thriller with echoes of Film Noir right down to its largely North American cast, the film features three very different career criminals, who join forces for a daring robbery attempt aboard the famous London-Glasgow passenger train The Flying Scotsman. Lee Patterson (Airplane 2, Checkpoint) is the man with the audacious plan and Kay Callard (White Hunter, The Electric Monster) his glamorous accomplice. Alan Gifford (2001: A Space Odyssey, The Iron Petticoat) and Margaret Withers (Sin of Esther Waters, If This be Sin) also star.

Dissatisfied with the small profits gained by his petty crimes, Ronnie Cowan (Patterson) attempts to pull off the most sensational train robbery of all time. After learning that the Bank of Scotland periodically sends half a million pounds in notes from Glasgow to London for destruction aboard The Flying Scotsman, he assembles a trusted transatlantic team and a seemingly fool proof scheme is put into action.

Lee Patterson, Kay Callard, Alan Gifford, Margaret Withers, Jeremy Bodkin
Other Credits

Written by Norman Hudis, based on a story by Jan Read and Ralph Smart

Release Date
8 August 2022
  • New Interview with Steve Chibnall, Professor of British Cinema – The Flying Scot and the history of the British B-movie
  • New Interview with writer & journalist Barry Forshaw
  • Alternate Opening Sequence
  • Stills Gallery
Restoration Details

For the 2022 restoration of The Flying Scot, STUDIOCANAL went back to the original camera negative which was scanned and restored in 4K to produce a brand new HD master

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