Quatermass And The Pit


Directed By

George Roy Baker


The third in the trilogy of films based on Nigel Kneale’s seminal Quatermass series, Quatermass & the Pit was made by Hammer Studios in 1967, directed by stalwart Roy Ward Baker and starring Andrew Keir as the titular scientist, battling evil alien forces that threaten to take over the world, and also stars James Donald, Barbara Shelley and Julian Glover. Nigel Kneale’s Quatermass series has been said to have influenced everyone from John Carpenter to Dr Who.

During excavations in London a large unidentified object is unearthed. It defies definition although the area has always been associated with diabolical evil. Within its walls Professor Quatermass (Keir) discovers the remains of intelligent alien creatures that attempted to conquer the Earth in prehistoric times and, through their experiments on early man, altered human evolution to its present state. Though dormant for many centuries, the excavations threaten to unleash the terrifying force of the aliens upon mankind once again…

Andrew Keir, Julian Glover, Barbara Shelley
Other Credits

Written By Nigel Kneale

Release Date
10 October 2011
  • New exclusive interviews with Julian Glover, Mark Gatiss, Judith Kerr, Kim Newman, Joe Dante and Marcus Hearne
  • Audio commentary with Nigel Kneale and Roy Ward Baker
  • World of Hammer – Sci-Fi Episode
  • UK and US original trailers
  • English SDH
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A brand new restoration from a 2k digital scan

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