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1949 saw the release of a trio of classic British comedies that really cemented Ealing’s place in history as this country’s finest film studios: PASSPORT TO PIMLICO, KIND HEARTS & CORONETS and WHISKY GALORE! 75 years later, these films still seem as fresh, innovative and, above all, as funny as ever.

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of these landmark films, and to compliment the theatrical reissue of a new 4k restoration of Ealing’s sweetest crime caper THE LAVENDER HILL MOB (out March 29th), cinemas nationwide will be offering a selection of Ealing classics, both comedy and drama, under the banner ONCE MORE WITH EALING!

The screenings will run throughout the year, coming soon are:

Once More with Ealing at Wetherby Cinema

Once More with Ealing at Ilkley Cinema

Once More with Ealing at Home Manchester

Once More with Ealing at Connaught Theatre & Studio

with more to follow!

Shocks are so much better absorbed whilst wearing a WICKER MAN t-shirt.

The Vintage Classics Merchandise Store is officially OPEN! Vintage Classics merchandise is available exclusive through the Vintage Classics website. So far you can buy t-shirts, posters and more for a handful of titles including The Wicker Man, Kind Hearts & Coronets and Ice Cold in Alex, with more titles added every month.

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