Women of Twilight


Directed By

Gordon Parry


Women of Twilight is a lost gem: a gritty, ground-breaking drama based on the hit West End play by Sylvia Rayman that was the first British film to receive the recently introduced X certificate.

Unmarried nightclub singer Vivanne Bruce (Rene Ray) finds herself alone and pregnant when her lover, Jerry Nolan (Laurence Harvey), is arrested for murder. Desperate for a place to live, she finds a room in a boarding-house run by “Nellie” Alistair (Freda Jackson). An outwardly upstanding woman who provides room-and-board for unmarried mothers Nellie is, in fact, ruthless with an ulterior motive…selling children for adoption. 

Initially resentful of having to share a room with Chris Ralston (Lois Maxwell) and her young son, the women soon become friends when Chris intervenes on Vivanne’s behalf in an argument with another boarder. Whilst caring for Chris’ child when he falls ill, Vivienne turns to Nellie for help but is turned away. Events take a tragic turn and Vivanne confronts Nellie, determined to put a stop to the exploitation and cruelty in the house.

Starring Freda Jackson (Clash of The Titans, West 11), Rene Ray (The Galloping Major, The Good Die Young), Lois Maxwell (Goldfinger, Lolita) and Laurence Harvey (The Silent Enemy, The Manchurian Candidate) and directed by Gordon Parry (Innocents in Paris, Third Time Lucky).

Freda Jackson, Rene Ray, Lois Maxwell, Laurence Harvey
Other Credits

Based on the play by Sylvia Rayman

Release Date
27 March 2023
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Restoration Details

For the 2023 restoration of Women of Twilight, STUDIOCANAL went back to the original camera negative which was scanned and restored in 4K to produce a brand new HD master

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