The Raging Moon


Directed By

Bryan Forbes


Bruce (Malcolm McDowell, If, A Clockwork Orange) is a lively young man with an irrepressible sense of fun and a sharp eye for a pretty girl. Returning home slightly the worse for wear after a wedding, Bruce suddenly collapses in the lift of the block of flats in which he lives. When Bruce wakes up in hospital, he finds that he is unable to walk and the doctors cannot diagnose his problem. When his family is unable to house him, Bruce is forced to move to a convalescence home. Here he becomes bitter about his situation and resents the intrusion of the other inmates upon his melancholy state. After a while Bruce strikes up a friendship with fellow inmate Jill (Nanette Newman, The Stepford Wives, International Velvet) and under her influence, he begins to enjoy life again. Falling deeply in love, Bruce and Jill decide to get married against the wishes of the home’s owners. Faced with the prospect of having to move out of the home and seek work, will Bruce and Jill’s love survive?

Sensitively directed by Bryan Forbes, The Raging Moon is a tender love story featuring strong performances from Newman and McDowell.

Malcolm Mcdowell, Nanette Newman, Georgia Brown, Bernard Lee
Other Credits

Based on the novel by Peter Marshall
Written By Bryan Forbes

Release Date
23 November 2015
  • New Interview with Nanette Newman
  • New Interview with Malcolm McDowall
  • Stills gallery
  • Original Trailer
  • English SDH
Restoration Details

Scanned at 4K and restored at 2K from the original 35mm negatives. Digital Film restoration funded by STUDIOCANAL in collaboration the BFI’s Unlocking Film Heritage programme, Awarding funds from the National Lottery.


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