The Teckman Mystery


Directed By

Wendy Toye


Wendy Toye was a child prodigy dancer and first performed at the Royal Albert Hall at age 4. Her long and succesful dance career eventually led her to write and direct for the stage, where she was in high demand and achieved much success. She was approached by chance to direct the short film, The Stranger Left No Card, to which she bought her skills as a choreographer and constructed a beautiful timed and surprisingly sinister piece of work, which Jean Cocteau described as a “masterpiece”. It went onto to win the Best Fiction Short Film Prize at Cannes Film Festival.

Wendy then made her feature film debut with The Teckman Mystery, a 1954 British crime mystery starring Margaret Leighton, John Justin, Roland Culver and Michael Medwin, and adapted from his own popular TV show by crime writer Francis Durbridge.

Philip Chance (John Justin, The Sound Barrier, The Thief of Baghdad) is commissioned by his publisher to write the biography of Martin Teckman (Michael Medwin, The Queen of Spades, The Duke Wore Jeans), a young airman who crashed and died whilst testing a new plane. But from the moment he arrives home, Philip Chance is beset by a series of ‘accidents’ which indicate strongly that there are people who do not want to see Teckman’s past investigated including potentially, his widow Helen (Margaret Leighton, The Holly & The Ivy, The Go-Between).

Margaret Leighton, John Justin, Roland Culver, Michael Medwin, Duncan Lamont, Barbara Murray, Meier Tzelniker, George Coulouris
Release Date
21 November 2022

New The Extraordinary Career of Wendy Toye Pt 1, featuring interviews with Film Historian Dr. Josephine Botting and Film Critic Pamela Hutchinson

DVD/Blu-ray Premiere short film The Stranger Left No Card (1952)

DVD/Blu-ray Premiere short film On The Twelfth Day… (1955)

Restoration Details

For the 2022 restoration of The Teckman Mystery, STUDIOCANAL went back to the original camera negative which was scanned and restored in 4K to produce a brand new HD master


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