Reece Shearsmith

The actor, writer and comedian known for The League of Gentleman, No. 9 picks Don’t Look Now.

Don’t Look Now is a kaleidoscopic, puzzle box of a film that ensnares you with its creeping dread and never lets go. From the opening scenes that show the accidental drowning of a little girl playing near a pond, the editing in Don’t Look Now manages to unsettle and terrify. As the film cuts back and forth from fragmented moments in time, the story splintering like shards of glass – it makes for an incredibly moving study in grief, loss and love. Venice, water, reflections and shadows are all on beautiful display here, in a story that embraces the medium of film and dazzles in how it tells it’s devastating story. I think it’s one of my all time favourite films and StudioCanal have released a beautiful edition here that displays Nic Roeg’s Venice set masterpiece in all its haunting splendour. Little red macs have never been so terrifying.

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